Authors cover letter

Please publish the article <article title> in the journal "Computational Methods and Programming."

We report the following information about each author of the article.

1. Surname, name, patronymic completely.

2. The main place of work with the full mailing address and site URL.

3. Position at the main place of work.

4. Academic degree and academic rank.

5. Office, home and mobile phone.

6. E-mail.

7. ORCID (optional)

The current correspondence on the publication of the article should be conducted with <Surname Name Patronymic>.

The authors agree with the rules for preparing the article for publication, including peer review, scientific and literary editing and bringing the article to the editorial standards adopted within the journal.

The authors also agree to transfer to the journal their right to publish and distribute the article in electronic and paper versions, including to post bibliographic information about an article in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and other scientific citation databases and to post full-text articles in the Scientific Electronic Library ке ( for free access to all Internet users, regardless of their category and location.